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Proceedings of MAICS 2012: A two-tiered view on acceptance.

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  1. Proust, J. (2018). Métacognition.  Encyclopaedia UniversalisPdf 
  2. Proust, J. (2018), :   Metacognitive Diversity, an introduction.
  3. Proust, J. (2018). Answers to five questions of  Istvan Zárdai about action theory:
    1. Proust, J. (2018). Answers to five questions of Istvan Zárdai about action theory:  PDF 
  4. Interview by Richard Marshall in 3AMmagazine
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  6.  Proust, J.  (2013) Reply to Peter Carruthers:  Knowledge of our own thoughts is just as interpretive as knowledge of the thoughts of others. Pdf
  7. Proust, J.  (2004) Simulation: a deflationary proposal, on-line workshop on mirror neurons, reply to Gallese, November 2004:
  8.  Proust, J.  (2003) Review of Consciousness and Language, by John R. Searle, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, April 2003